About your coach

My name is Gerda de Villiers and as a life coach I believe that we have a choice in every situation. Life happens to all of us and how we respond is our choice. This is aptly illustrated in one of my favourite quotations by Bertha Calloway:

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails”.

I coach those who need to resolve specific issues in their lives, such as a career change, weight management or divorce, to those suffering from exhaustion and burnout, and need to get their life back on track. I prepare couples for marriage and help people achieve balance in their life.

I believe that in every individual there is an answer that is unique to his or her specific situation. I believe in the pursuit of dreams and that we need to reach beyond our perceived limitations, and make things happen!

I believe in a balanced life and that if any part of your life is out of balance, you’re wasting energy. This includes your health and fitness, relationships, finances, self-esteem, hobbies, life/work balance, values and personal belief systems, even career performance.

It was my passion for personal development and growth that led me to become a practitioner life coach. Achieving my own goals and finding that all-important work/life balance enables me to bring a deeper level of understanding to my coaching.

I’m a single mom with three children and a background in active counselling, retail and air traffic control. (Quite a stressful job!) I have experienced great joy, success and satisfaction in my life. Conversely, I have had to deal with deep disappointment, intense emotional pain and despair. This, however, gives me a deeper understanding of the tough and difficult challenges people often have to face.

Balance is essential in my life. I love the beauty and peace of nature, it restores my soul. Finding hidden away coffee shops is a personal delight. I value a healthy lifestyle and so exercise and healthy eating habits play an important role in my life.

I am a certified Life and Career Coach and a member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors in South Africa). I completed a two-year Counselling course and have been actively involved in counselling for the past seven years. In the interests of personal enrichment, I completed three years of Bible School and Leadership training, and training in Trauma Counselling and Burnout.

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship with potentially life changing results. I strive to enable my clients to:

  • Know themselves and embrace their uniqueness.
  • Establish priorities and achieve a balanced, meaningful and healthy lifestyle.
  • Achieve a more balanced life Make lasting and positive changes.
  • Overcome obstacles and convert dreams and goals into reality.
  • Enhance relationships.