Terms and Conditions


All information provided is bound by a code of confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any persons under any circumstances except by a court order, in the process of a police investigation, upon a crime being committed or if information indicates that the safety of a person is at risk. All records will be destroyed three years after consultancy has ended.


  • An agreement will only be signed once you have decided to commit to the Coaching partnership.
  • I am dedicated to provide you with the best possible Coaching.
  • If you wish to achieve meaningful results, those results need your commitment ‐ not only to yourself but also to the Coaching process.
  • If at any stage you are not satisfied with the direction of Coaching, please inform me ‐ we will take the necessary steps needed to re‐energise the Coaching relationship.  Your honesty regarding your expectations for your life and what you wish to achieve from Coaching is vital to our continued success.

Coaching Sessions

  • The initial 30‐minute session will be used to clarify the goals of the Coaching partnership as well as to complete the necessary documents.
  • The duration of each Coaching session is 60 ‐75 minutes.
  • All sessions will be punctually attended as per appointment.
  • Preparing for your Coaching sessions will allow you to optimise your results and our time together. Decide what you wish for our next session, and what your GOAL will be for that session.

Cancellations, Missed Appointments and Late Arrivals

  • All cancellations or requests for rescheduling will only be accepted if made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Likewise, 24 hours notice will also be given to the Client when the Coach is compelled to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  The session will then be rescheduled for the first available appointment time.
  • As each appointment is strictly limited to a time slot, late arrival for an appointment will necessitate adjusting the duration of that session to accommodate the Coach’s schedule of appointments

Fees and Terms of Payment

  • The initial 30‐minute session is free of charge.
  • Fees must be settled in advance prior to commencing a Coaching session by means of EFT or Cash.
  • Coaching Packages are charged at the negotiated rate. The session frequency is determined by the nature and time‐frame of the Client’s coaching goals.
  • In case of meetings outside of office, travelling time to the location of such meetings will be billed on a pro‐rata basis.  Travelling rates will be billed per km.
  • Unless notified within the required 24 hour period, the full fee will be charged if a late cancellation is made, for a shortened session due to a late arrival or if the appointment is not kept at all, with the exception of an emergency.