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Career Guidance

How does a seemingly ordinary person produce extra-ordinary results in a job, while experiencing fulfilment and joy?

My philosophy is that there is a unique purpose for every individual, often unidentified, yet visible in your strengths, passions, values and talents. The secret to your fulfilment and success is found in things that matter to you most.

I am a coach that is drawn to potential and natural abilities and takes delight in exploring the unique skills, strengths and talents you have to offer.

I am committed to awakening in others the opportunities that life present and to create an awareness of a the possibilities available for those that are willing to get out of the box they found themselves in and take control of their own life.

Do you need clarity on the next step in your career because you have lost a job or either feel stressed out, stuck, or unfulfilled with your career?

No situation or challenge is too big or too small to be coached.

The outcomes that you can expect:

  • Better understanding and managing your natural behaviour.
  • Knowing your skills, strengths and talents and how to utilize them towards a meaningful job.
  • Clarity and direction in your work life.
  • Feeling empowered for success.
  • Renewed energy.

I offer:

  • Warm and friendly, but challenging, coaching conversations.
  • A variety of assessment and profiling tools to help you reach a deeper level of self-awareness.
  • A process that allows you to identify and understand your strengths and skills, providing the information you need to make informed career decisions.
  • Goal- orientated and solution -focused support.
  • Support in finding a plan with practical steps to get to your goal.
  • Guidance in writing a functional resume/CV that focuses on skills, talents and experience, rather than on chronological work history. This is especially useful for people who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history.

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