A feeling of

breakthrough and relief


’n Jaar gelede het ek gespartel om kop bo water te hou, met al die eise van ma, huweliksmaat en beroeps vrou, wees. My daaglikse lewe was oorlaai met spanning, vrees, skuldgevoellens en konstante uitputting. Ek het op die randjie van ’n senuwee- ineenstorting gestaan. Alles was vir my oorweldigend. Ek het iewers myself iewers verloor en het nie meer die lewe geniet nie. E, ek het elke dag net probeer oorleef.

Gerda het my gehelp om die waarheid van wie ek is en wat my uniek maak, te sien en te begin aanvaar. Dit het my lewe en die wêereld om my in perspektief begin plaas. Met elke sessie het ek meer en meer vry gekom van vrese en persepsies wat my gevangene gehou het, en wanbalans in my lewe veroorsaak het. Met die leiding, aanmoediging en “accountability” van Gerda, kon ek baie moeilike veranderinge maak en persoonlike doelwittes bereik, wat my lewe (en die van my gesin) radikaal verbeter het.

Vandag is ek baie meer vry en is my lewe meer gebalanseerd. Ek kan met oorgawe mamma en vrou wees, asook my talente en passies uitleef! Baie dankie, Gerda.”

– V, Strand

 Gerda is a very soft spoken, gentle individual with a fine sense of humour. I have shared with Gerda very intimate details of the conflicts that exist in my life and found her to be absolutely non-judgemental and supportive. At the same time she posed questions so that I was able to cut through emotions to deal with the facts at hand. Her open, friendly and compassionate nature has assisted me through one of the most trying times in my life.”

– L, Durbanville

 We met when the world to me was volatile and “deurmekaar” – I felt lost – I needed direction in all aspects of life.  Not once did you show any direction, but you helped me find this for myself.  You took what was in me already and made some pictures so clear that it was easy to find the way forward. I found balance in my life.  Every now and again, I would lose that clarity and direction, but you were always only a follow up meeting away in helping me finding it again.

– Chris

 A feeling of breakthrough and relief is what I experienced after only a few sessions with Gerda. She has a special way which helps you find the deeper reason for your feelings and reactions. She coaches you to find your own solutions. I recommend that anyone going through a challenging time, consult with Gerda.”

– Debbie, Somerset West

 During the past two and a half years I have been seeing Gerda. If I look back at where I was emotionally and mentally, when we first started, and see the progress I have made through her coaching, I stand amazed.

I am grateful to have met Gerda. She is truly compassionate and non-judgemental yet professional and goal orientated towards coaching sessions. Though her guidance and accountability, I have made changes in my life that seemed impossible to me at first. I am growing in the process of life and discovering the person I never thought I could be.

– Vasti Wilkinson

Ek het vanaf Februarie tot April 2010 coaching ontvang by Gerda. Dit was ‘n wonderlike proses om my gedagtes en ook sodoende my lewe te organiseer en selfs tot nuwe insigte te kom oor myself en my waardes en prioriteite in die lewe. Hoewel ek vir Gerda op ‘n persoonlike vlak al baie lank ken was die dissipline en professionaliteit waarmee sy die sessies hanteer het baie goed. Sy was baie stiptelik met die tydsduur van elke sessie en het ons nooit laat afdwaal na ons vriendskapsvlak nie. Ek het deurgaans veilig en geborge gevoel en dit was maklik om met haar in hierdie atmosfeer persoonlike dinge te deel.

Dit was ‘n baie sinvolle proses wat my klarigheid gegee het oor belangrike aspekte van my lewe en die moed gegee het om sekere veranderinge aan te bring en sodoende my lewenskwalitiet te verbeter.”

– Betsie Ryke

 It was great working with Gerda .The coaching sessions were very beneficial, always producing results. I learned to do what is best for me and not necessarily what I feel obligated to do. I would recommend life coaching to those who feel they have ended on a different course to the one they had hoped. Gerda has an excellent way to get you thinking about what is really important to you!”

– Fred, Somerset West

 When you’ve raised your children to become responsible adults you can consider yourself to be successful – but it doesn’t end there. When you start to impact and change the lives of those around you in a positive and uplifting way, you migrate from successes to significance. Gerda has done just that with excellence and are well able and equipped to help others to walk a similar path.”

– WV, Businessman and friend

 Dear Gerda, Thank you for your life coaching skills that you shared with me when I needed them most. Not only the ‘head’ knowledge, but also the practical ‘how to’ issues were taken care of. My present (and permanent) state of wellbeing bears witness to this.”

– PJ, Somerset West

 I had the wonderful opportunity to pour my heartaches, troubles, worries and concerns out to a gentle person that listened with compassion and true interest in my wellbeing. Gerda has helped me face challenges, become assertive and stay grounded in the Word. I am truly thankful and appreciate the many hours she has set aside to coach me during a time of my life when I thought all was lost. She helped me focus again on the true principles of what makes life worth living, face challenges and rise up out of a situation of desperation. All praise and glory to our Father for Gerda’s faithfulness.”

– SV, Widow and mother of two teenage boys

 I have benefitted so much from Gerda as she had an extremely intuitive way of helping me to release from within that which I had already been previously convicted of. She helped me to put my life into perspective, to stretch myself and to move forward towards and achieving my goals with confidence.

– Joy Smith

Pre-marital Coaching

 I was referred to Gerda through a friend. I did a few sessions which helped me get perspective on situations I was struggling with in my life. Gerda never judged me and I always felt comfortable talking to her.

A few weeks later my fiancée, Ruan, joined me for a relationship coaching session. He was hesitant at first but after that first time he felt that it was the best decision he could have made. It helped us so much with our communication skills and after exploring our different personalities and values we understood and know how to handle each other better. We learned not to try and change each other but rather to work on ourselves to adapt better to the other person.

We asked Gerda if she would accommodate us by doing a pre-marital course with her. We talked about our different personalities, values and expectations. We learned that each of us has a different way of showing love. I learned my fiancée’s love language is completely different to what I thought. We also spent some talking about finances and became aware of challenges we had never even thought about. Unfortunately we ran out of time but will continue the rest of the course after the wedding.”

– Alet, Somerset West

 I, Ruan, joined my fiancée, Alet, for a life coaching session with Gerda. I found it to be a true eye opener. I saw a psychiatrist when I was young, an experience which did not benefit me at all, so I was sceptical. The way Gerda approached us was friendly, understanding and sympathetic. She immediately put me at ease and it felt like she had been a close friend for years. I was truly on a “high” after we left our first session. I was so enthusiastic and positive about our future – and this only after two hours.

Through the pre-marital course I learned more about myself as well as my fiancée. Personality traits, love languages and problematic areas were pointed out to us via a personality and value test. With various areas being explored, we have learned to adapt to the other person and grow together.

I truly recommend all couples (new or old) do this kind of course with Gerda. It will be beneficial to you as an individual and your relationship/marriage.

We have already decided to attend sessions with Gerda on a monthly basis to talk, share and understand each other’s feelings and emotions. Her coaching has helped us achieve enlightenment in our relationship. Thank you Gerda, you are a real blessing.”

– Ruan, Somerset West

Marriage Preparation

 Ek weet nie hoe iemand hulle huwelik kan ingaan sonder om hierdie program te doen nie! Die regering moet dit eintlik ‘n wet maak dat almal wat trou dit doen. Dit het vir ons onbeskryflik baie beteken. Baie dankie.

– Pieter

 Hi Gerda, you have been such a monumental part of preparing us for marriage. This was even more  evident after the follow-up session we had with you, you were able to give me direction and  helped us to overcome a huge challenge.

– Siyabonga