“I am exhausted

I can’t get motivated
I feel frustrated”

Life Coaching

Words I hear too often: “I have a very stressful job and my family is demanding” or “The pace of my life is too hectic”.

It’s time to take a fresh look at your life choices, be committed to your decisions, and create the life you want to live.

Life Coaching enables you to understand what is important and to clarify your goals. Coaching helps you to identify obstacles, take positive action and become more mindful of results and outcomes.

Whether you feel “stuck in a rut” or unsatisfied with your life; whether you want balance, change your career, manage stress or to combat signs of burnout; coaching can motivate you and create a lasting impression.

Through structured and effective coaching techniques, I strive to:

  • Enable busy women, who are tired, stressed and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities in their personal and professional life to, find solutions to their challenges.
  • Motivate employers/employees who lack concentration or energy, experience decreasing productivity or are unable to function at previous levels regain their energy and fulfil their dreams and aspirations.
  • Help people motivate themselves to do something they’ve meant to do for a long time – like writing a book or starting a business.
  • Prepare couples for a happy and fulfilled marriage.
  • Assist people who are tired, with no zest for life, or who are merely going through the motions and perhaps struggling with symptoms of burnout, to live a well-balanced, fulfilled and healthy life.
  • Encourage people who wrestle with their past or feel trapped in a negative situation to align their mind towards the present and accompany them on their journey towards a promising future.

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