Everyone has something that they hate but tolerate.

What’s yours? Are you ready to change it?

Life is to be enjoyed and valued, yet we all tend to get dragged down and sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things that have accumulated over the last few months or even years. Many of them are unnecessary tolerations that drain our energy and make it difficult to function effectively. Sometimes you need to put your foot down. Get rid of the mental clutter so you can focus on and enjoy what is good and fulfilling in your life.

To help you identify and get rid of what you tolerate in your life, I attached a free tool. Here is what to do:

Step 1: List three things you put up with in all the different areas of your life:

  • Think of things like incomplete tasks, overdue bills, outdated designs, undone filing, poor exercise/eating/sleep habits, poor manners, ‘shoulds’, procrastination, etc.

Step 2:  Ask yourself: 

  • Why do I tolerate this in my life? E.g. Sleep deprivation.
  • What is the payoff I get out of tolerating this?
  • What would my life look like without this?
  • Am I ready to find a solution for this? Yes/ No

Step 3:  Rank your list

  • Out of the “Yes” group, pick and list the 3 tolerations that impact your life the most.
  • Find the root cause of that issue – e.g. why are you repeatedly paying your bills too late.

Step 4:  Pick ONE toleration to get rid of in the next week.

  • Do so every following week.


It doesn’t matter what the situation is, it’s about breaking out of old patterns. Say to yourself: “I’m an adult, I can handle this in a mature way.”

Take several deep breaths and do it!