Something we all do from time to time is worry.

Many of you are probably worried about something right now and since I said that, your mind started running, and even more things to worry about have popped up. We all know worrying itself doesn’t solve problems. The good news is that a few simple steps, you can turn your worries into a productive way to untangle problems.

So how do you make this unproductive and sometimes even hindering “activity” work for you?

Step 1 Prepare to worry productively

  • Get yourself a Worry Book
  • Schedule at least 30min daily Worry Time in your diary.
  • List all your current worries in your book.
  • If another worry comes into your head during the day, make a short note of it in your book and tell your mind that you’ll think about it later.

Step 2: Clarify your main Worry

  • During your scheduled Worry Time, go over your worry list and decide which one is occupying the most of you mental time.
  • Think about your main worry and write down exactly what you are afraid of.
  • Rate on a scale of 1-10 the possibility of this Worry coming true.
  • Write down your reasons why you believe this is realistic.

Step 3: Take action

  • List at least 3 things you can possibly do about the situation.
  • Evaluated your options and decide on a plan of action. Once you have a plan and start doing something about the problem, you’ll feel much less worried
  • Start acting right away. For example if you are worried about your debt, call your creditors and ask about your payment options.
  • If you can’t do anything to change the situation, actively choose to let it go. Worrying is seen as a way to prevent unpleasant surprises and control the outcome. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Accept that there are always things that are uncertain.

Allow yourself to worry about whatever is on your mind, but only for the amount of time you’ve specified for your worry period. During the rest of your day, stay focused on the present and enjoy your day.