Happiness is a state of being and not having.

Our lives have become so distorted. We often connect happiness to that perfect partner, the ideal job or getting the next new thing. We reach the point where, unless we get that thing, our minds are never at peace, but when we do get it, the thrill of the new thing fades quickly and we target the next thing.

If we look closer we may find that the things we own often clutter our lives and are getting in the way of our happiness and freedom. But, is not just the stuff in our cupboards or surroundings that is cluttering our life.

We often need to simplify our routines, spending habits, our lifestyle or even certain relationships.

If you have a desire to live a simple, intentional life it is time to take stock and get rid of the unnecessary things in your life once and for all.

Step 1: Establish for yourself why you want to have a more simplified life.

For me one of the greatest benefits of living with fewer possessions is freedom to live my life more intentionally.  Fewer things means less cleaning, less organizing, less repairing, less to think of.  It frees up time and energy to focus on what I value and enjoy. In today’s world our values are often concealed under layers of complexity. Focusing on simplicity allows my values to come to the forefront again.

Step 2: Get inspired. I love Francine Jay’s quote: ”Your home is a living space not a storage space”.

Step 3: Start with your material possessions.

I like Marie Kondo’s method of working per category and NOT room by room. Remember it is not about getting organised. Your neatly organised stuff is still clutter. Don’t just rearrange or move things from one place to another, get it out of your home.

Put everything on a table or the floor. Pick up one item at a time and ask yourself: “Does this item bring me joy and am I still using it regularly. Would I buy it again?” If the answer is yes, find a place for that item.

Step 4: Thank the outgoing belongings for their use and say goodbye.

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