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You often feel victimised, but you find it difficult to stand up for yourself? You keep agreeing to things you don’t really want to do just to keep the peace. In the book, Boundaries, by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend, you’ll find that boundaries are the foundation for healthy relationships. Creating stronger boundaries is not only [...]

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The Honeymoon Is Over, What Now?

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When we fall in love, conflict usually is not an issue. So what then causes the irritations and disagreements to start? When we are in love the body is flooded with hormones. When released, feelings of trust and attraction are activated. We have this impression that the other person is our perfect partner. We see [...]

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Start your Career Success Story today!

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The landscape of work has changed dramatically in the last number of years. In the new world of work, no company owes you a career and no boss is responsible for your job satisfaction anymore. You need to accept ownership of your career, your skills and the timing of your moves. If you put your career into the [...]

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